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There and Back Again in 2017

In 2016 many readers of this newsletter, with their families, participated in a an online “race” to help us read our bibles more diligently. An online service called Racery came to our aid. Racery is usually a vehicle to chart the progress for people engaged in fitness activities and keeps a record of how many miles they run, walk, swim, or row. But for our unique needs, the folks at Racery have graciously adapted their software to meet our needs, and one mile is equivalent to one chapter of the Bible.
Sign up online at this URL.
On the drop down menu you will be asked if you wish to purchase a bib or postcard or both, there is also a dotted line at the top to register without purchasing anything. Choose an existing team from the dropdown OR create a new team. All team/individual chapters will go toward The Pilgrims collective advance along the route. You are free to invite your friends or family to join your team.
Each afternoon you will receive an email asking how many chapters you read that day. Simply hit reply, type a number, and send it back. Your results are then plotted on a world map. You can observe your progress by looking at the map. Since we are doing this as a team, most days we move several hundred miles.
In 2016, over one hundred readers from all around the world made up our team. Many reported it was the most consistent they have ever been in reading the word of God. Others commented they had never read that much in one year. And all of us were grateful for the sense of community we developed as we encouraged each other, prayed for one another, and were enriched from consistently reading the inspired words of God.
If you are interested in a Bible reading plan which I follow you can find it here. I use the “NT and Psalms” along with the “OT Reading Schedule” to read through the Bible in one year. There is also a one chapter a day in the Old Testament “Simple OT Schedule”. The objective for me is being in the word every day. These are found by clicking on the blue rectangles on the bottom of this page.